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University of Wisconsin Madison Professor Sebastian Heinz explains his team's latest discovery of the youngest x-ray binary system in our Galaxy.

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Jenna Ryon gives listeners the low-down on the Juno Spacecraft and its mission to explore Jupiter.

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Arthur Eigenbrot explains the physics behind "diamond rain" on Jupiter and Saturn.

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Small asteroids might be more of a problem for Earth then previously thought.  On this episode, learn about recent meteor run-ins and new science on why need to promote better detection systems for small near earth objecs.

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In this episdoe we discuss the "other worlds" found a tiny patch of sky in the constilation Signus by the Kepler planet hunting spacecraft. Scientists have recently learned that up to one in five of these might harbor the conditions needed for life as we know it!

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UW Madison astronomy student Arthur Eigenbrot explains why and how General Relativity works

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On this episode I will discuss the most distant known galaxy to date and just how can we measure such distances in the unverse? Tune in, turn on, and geek out!

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Astronomers have all kinds of tricks up their sleves to study the universe from light!  On this episode, Prof. Antonio Mario Magalhaes explains polarization of light and space missions constructed at UW Madison to study this phenomina! 

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Astronomy reserch grinds to a hault in the USA.  In this emergancy report, host Blakesley Burkhart discusses the impact of the shutdown on astronomy and government agencies. 

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Astronomy PhD students Jenna Ryon and Arthur Eigenbrot talk about the effects of the government shutdown on astronomy on Tuesday, October 2nd 2013.  This segment aired on WORT 89.9 FM in Madison, Wi.

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The Voygaer spacecraft has finally made it into interstellar space! Just what does that mean?  Listen to this episode to learn about where no man has gone before!

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In this Radio Astronomy Podcast physics graduate students Garth Whelan and Andrew Seltzman discuss the challenges of human missions to Mars.

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Do you have what it takes to be a Citizen Scientist?  Find out in this episode!

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In this episode we discuss all the amazing things the Kepler space mission did and what is the future of planet hunting!

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In this episode learn about the history of Novas with Dr. Jim Lattis of UW Astronomy!

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Learn a little about light in this short clip taken from Radio Astronomy 89.9 FM WORT Madison, Wi

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In this short clip learn about the James Webb Space Telescope, the sucessor to the Hubble Space Telescope

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Why isn't Pluto a planet?  What is the definition of a planet?  Why is Pluto still super cool anyway!?  We'll answer these questions in this episode of 5 Minute Astronomy.  Clip taken from Radio Astronomy 89.9FM WORT in Madison, Wi.

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Saturn Graces our Summer Skies

Saturn graces the summar skies of Madison, Wi and the Northern Hemisphere.  Listen in to hear about Saturn, its ring, and its moons which could harbor life!  What does Saturn sound like?  Check it out in this short clip on Saturn!

 Clip from WORT 89.9 FM Radio Astronomy Summer 2013.

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Vacation to Mars!

On this episode of Radio Astronomy we'll learn about what it might be like to take a vacation on Mars!

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